Stakeholder Platform for Investment List Notification Opportunities and Technical Assistance SPILNOTA platform is a unique digital tool that aims to promote the recovery, reconstruction, and economic development of Ukraine by bringing together ideas, resources, and efforts of donors and stakeholders.

Our mission: We aim to create an efficient mechanism to coordinate international aid and investments to fortify the resilience, recovery, and reconstruction of Ukraine. We strive for transparency, constant monitoring, and openness regarding informational and financial accessibility, as well as accountability to society, charity organizations, and international donors.

Our vision: We intend to create a hub-like platform, where the applicants will be free to share their requests and needs, while the donors (International partners, charitable organizations, and businesses) will be able to choose relevant recipients of their assistance and investments (in respect of their area of expertise). SPILNOTA platform aims to follow the decentralization model of functioning by providing equal opportunities to all the districts and communities regardless of their size or level of influence.

Target audience:
  • Regional military state administrations
  • UTCs (United Territorial Communities) and districts
  • International partners
  • Charitable foundations and public organizations
  • Citizens and businesses that are ready to contribute to the recovery and development of the region